Births come in many different shapes and sizes. Sometimes women need the presence of their midwife from early on in the process. Sometimes they don’t need her support until closer to the time of the birth itself. I am on-call for your birth from 37 weeks until whenever you deliver. Usually I like to be present with you when you are in active labor. Sometimes however, for various different reasons, I may need to be there sooner than that.


As your midwife at the birth I will be emotionally and physically supporting you. I will do that through giving you words of encouragement, rubbing your back, suggesting positional changes and helping you to stay hydrated and emotionally on track. I also like to facilitate partners (husbands, wives) and/or your chosen birth support to do the things that will help you to stay grounded and focused.


I will be monitoring you and the baby to make sure that all is copasetic. This means checking your blood pressure, your pulse, your temperature and keeping track of your food and fluid intake. I will listen to your baby with the Doppler and check your cervical dilation as needed. At the time of the arrival of your baby we always plan to have a second midwife present.


After the baby is born I stay 4-6 hours post partum monitoring both you and your newborn to make sure that all is going well. I do a full physical exam on your newborn which includes weighing and measuring him or her. I exam your vagina and perineum and do any repairs that are necessary. Before I leave I make sure that the house is tidy, that you have showered and have had a hearty meal, that your baby is successfully latched on and nursing and that everyone in the family is happily settling into your first night with your newborn!

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