Post Partum

The post partum period is arguably the largely ignored and perhaps most important fourth trimester of pregnancy. So much time is put into preparing for the birth that providers and parents alike forget that, while the arrival of baby is a momentary event, the act of parenting is one that goes on forever. Healing from the birthing process, bonding with your baby, you and your baby together learning to breastfeed: these are momentous events that take place in the post partum time. Being prepared for the life changing reality of parenting is nearly impossible. That is precisely why it is so important to have lots of caring, attuned support as your first days and weeks of parenting unfold. Everyone's path is different and therefore everyone's needs are distinct. Some people have a harder time healing physically from the birthing process. Some women and infants struggle to learn the dance of breast feeding together. It is impossible to foresee what might be challenging for you before you are facing the reality of you and your baby together. In order to provide adequate post partum support I do 6 home visits during the post partum weeks. At post partum visits I assist with any breast feeding issues, monitor the babies growth, check any perineal tears and repairs, make sure that your bleeding is continuing to decrease, check and treat anemia and stay connected to your emotional vicissitudes as you navigate your new reality. I do the newborn screen on the baby if desired and assist you with acquiring the baby’s birth certificate. There is so much that happens for a family in this precious time with your newborn! It can be helpful to have your midwife stopping in so that you can ask questions about you and your baby’s health.

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