Prenatal Care

Prenatal care consists of monthly visits from whenever you start care through 28 weeks gestation. From 28 weeks until 36 weeks your visits will be scheduled every two weeks. From 36 weeks until your due date and sometimes beyond visits will be weekly. Towards the very end of pregnancy, if you go post dates, we may see each other more than once a week.


Prenatal visits are usually about an hour long. They include gathering the same clinical data that is gathered at a prenatal visit with an obstetrician such as blood pressure, weight, measuring your belly, checking your urine and listening to the baby with a Doppler or a fetascope. We will discuss any impending prenatal tests, what they are for and assess together whether they are necessary and/or desired. We will also go over any tests already done and make a plan together about addressing any issues that may arise along the way.


Pregnancy is full of discomforts. During prenatal visits we will talk about how your body is feeling and discuss comfort measures to help with anything that is bothering you.


During visits we will also talk about preparing for the birth and taking care of your baby post partum. Prenatal visits are an important time for you to be able to express your fears and desires around giving birth. Our relationship with one another will deepen and develop over the course of your pregnancy and the prenatal visits are the way that this is given space to occur. I am going to be an important person present with you for one of the most pivotal and transformational moments in your entire life. This is a deep honor for me. Hopefully we will have many months leading up to the birth of getting to know each other and building trust.

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