Midwifery Care

Choosing to have midwifery care is making the decision to be at the center of your birthing process. Midwives listen to women, encourage their intuition, inform them of their options and allow for time to get to know their desires and fears.


The act of giving birth is unique to each individual. Midwives allow women to find their own unique expression as birthing mothers and women without rushing or manipulating the process. When you choose to birth at home you choose to be in control of who is present, what you eat and what position you birth in. You choose also to have a different level of responsibility in your prenatal care, birth and your first hours and days with your baby. 


Midwifery care is holistic care; mother and partner and baby all become family together. Decisions are made as a team. Informed choice means that the birthing mother and her partner are, whenever possible, always given as much information as is needed to make decisions that feel right to them. 






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