Prenatal Couples Groups

Children and babies put a strain on relationships that individuals do not experience prior to having them. Some of the elements of the first year of parenting that potentially lead to difficulty in partnership include:

  • changing identities

  • physical changes due to pregnancy and birth

  • new responsibilities and redistribution of previous responsibilities both inside and outside of the home

  • changes in libido

  • pregnancy and post partum hormones/emotional lability

  • isolation due to being homebound (for the birthing partner)

  • increased financial pressure for the non-birthing partner

  • autonomy, as previously experienced, is erased

  • sleep deprivation​

  • more difficulty and obstacles having access to self care routines


​Statistically more couples break up in the first year following the birth of a baby and it is no wonder! On top of all of these strains on relationship there is simply less time and energy to devote to working through whatever emotional distance or difficulty is encountered in the couple relationship. Time that would have been channeled into talking through emotional rifts, going to therapy, sharing previously loved activities and having sex is often necessarily redirected into taking care of baby.

Come join us for prenatal couples groups where we will facilitate the exploration of how to enter parenthood with your partner in a way that deepens intimacy even as your bond with one another endures new challenges.

These sessions will be predominantly group led. Potential topics may include sex, child rearing styles, division of labor both in and outside of the house, money, relationships with families of origin and communication. 

Come set the stage for entering parenthood together in a connected, empowered and loving way.

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